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Project Overview

As growth and development continues in the Fargo-Moorhead area’s southwest metro, a continuous corridor along the Veterans Boulevard alignment will be necessary to meet future transportation needs and access future residences, businesses and amenities. An extension of Veterans Boulevard will also help alleviate traffic on other parallel roadways such as Sheyenne Street/CR 17 and 45th Street. The study area includes existing portions of Veteran’s Boulevard and a proposed extension of the corridor from 52nd Avenue to 100th Avenue South.

Options have been developed to improve the existing roundabouts at the 44th, 48th and 51st Street intersections along Veterans Boulevard. Built over 10 years ago, future enhancement may be needed at these intersections to improve traffic flow, manage pedestrian safety and roadway maintenance.

The extension of Veterans Boulevard has the potential to serve many functions. Besides accommodating vehicular traffic, the corridor has the potential to provide a safe and inviting environment for pedestrians and bicycle users, accommodate future transit, and can be an amenity for future neighborhoods, parks, and businesses. Three corridor level alternatives were developed to provide a framework of options to allow for the extension and buildout of the Veterans Boulevard Corridor from 52nd Avenue to 100th Avenue.

Study Area:

The study’s limits extend five miles from 40th Avenue S to 100th Avenue S. The map below shows the study corridor including the study intersections.

Study Area Map

What's the Process?

The Veterans Boulevard Corridor Extension Study was initiated in early 2020 and set to wrap up in the fall of 2021. We are currently in the 2nd round of public input.

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